Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Barons Charter Design to celebrate the Magna Carter

 I recently submitted a design for the Barons Charter to celebrate 800 years since the Magna Carter. There are going to be lots of baron sculptures decorated by artists dotted all round Lincoln to celebrate. My design idea is a healthy eating baron humorously titled Baron Von Munchies who is wearing a variety of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables, milk, cheese and other healthy foods. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Brighton Whalefest Whale Tails

Last month I was contacted by World Cetacean Alliance and asked to paint a design on a whale tail as part of this years Whalefest, held in the Brighton Centre. The campaign is to keep whales and dolphins in the wild rather than in captivity. All artists were given a blank tail and a little biog about the orca whose story their tail needed to represent (mine was a baby orca called Kamea whose family came from the warm tropical Atlantic). The tails are on sale on Ebay with all proceeds going to charity (but not for long mine expires tomorrow!) 

Here's how my tail developed...