Monday, 25 July 2016

Mermaids, narwhals and more cats for in aid of The World Cetacean Alliance

Last weekend Brighton Etsy had a stall of whale themed craft goodies at the annual March of the Mermaids in aid of the WCA (the worlds largest alliance protecting whales, dolphins and porpoises). We're continuing to donate a % of our profits from selected items in our Etsy Shops till the end of the year towards this great cause. I've chosen 3 illustrations; Song of the Siren, Floating Island and Cats of Cadaques, which are all available as cards and limited edition prints. 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Star Girl Reporter Alison Jane Reid (Ethical Hedonist)

I've worked with Alison at the Ethical Hedonist blog for several years now and she recently started work on creating short EBooks to sell featuring some of her favourite interviews. First up her interview wit the late Linda Mc Cartney. My brief was to create an illustration to appeal to men and women showing the sassy but serious journalist as her alter ego, on the way to do an interview. The book in available to download from Amazon.