Friday, 14 February 2014

The Cats of Cadaques!

Back in Summer 2012 I went on holiday to the French Pyrenees, Collioure, Barcelona and my favourite Cadaques (a beautiful town on the Costa Brava coast, full of white buildings, artists and cats!) I loved staying there seeing Dali's mad house, attempting to speak Spanish and greeting the large number of cats who live there (there's a cat sanctuary). I was determined to create a picture based on my Cadaques (and Barcelona) and finally it's done! Hope you like my psychedelic take on Cadaques, featuring a jazz cat, the Cheshire cat and a Dali cat painting the whole scene!

It's also been accepted into the CueB open Exhibition held at South London's Brockley Mess in February/ March every year. (Private view Friday 21st Feb 7-9pm).

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Top Sante Magazine Illustrations

I was asked to create not one but two illustrations for this month’s Top Sante Magazine. The illustrations accompany an article entitled “New Year, No Fear” about gaining self confidence and self belief. The first image focuses on chucking out all the negative feelings, whilst the second is about taking a leap of faith. It felt like the perfect brief for my style! Here are the illustrations and an initial sketch too.