Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Brighton Illustrations

I've been creating a number of illustrations this summer inspired my now home city of Brighton. Although the Pavilion is very famous it's still one of my favourites, but I've also been drawing the Fountains, Pells Pools in Lewes and the um seagulls. The 2 finished designs were also influenced by vintage travel posters.
Lido time is now available in my online Shops NOTHS and Etsy

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Cross Stitch Patterns Work in Progress!

Some time ago my sister talented designer and crafter (Emma Scott ) suggested that my illustrations would make great cross stitch patterns. After several months of hard stitching and pattern designing we've now got several collaborative efforts in the form of Trees, Birds, Hot Dogs and Christmas all live to buy and download on my Etsy Shop.

Here are some more designs in progress. If anyone has any favourites do let me know and we can try to launch these first (or are there any of my designs you'd like to make?!) I think mine are the Alice in Wonderland characters and the Meows!