Friday, 16 September 2016

Art on a Postcard, Cats on a Postcard

I've recently created 2 new original illustrations for postcard exhibitions. Really fun projects and a challenge to get me to finish a collage in a day and at a tiny tiny postcard size!

First up was Postcats, an exhibition organised by Miss Ella Illustration (one of my all time favourite cat illustrators). My very pink design is called I think that we are gonna be friends (White Stripes reference anyone?) about a jumbo sized but friendly black moggy and her smaller tabby buddy sharing a moonlit hug. A whole host of wonderful illustrators have submitted pieces which will be on show from 23rd September at the Norwich Gift Emporium. Well worth a visit if you find yourself in Norwich and fancy seeing over 100 pussycat designs! 

The second piece Murmuring Mermaid, was created for Art on a Postcard, raising money for the Hepatitus C charity and will be on display at the Moniker art fair in October this year. My work is part of a lottery where visitors buy £50 tickets and receive a surprise design from the list of artists taking part. My design is a colourful mermaid hanging out with some decorative and flying fishes.