Monday, 1 December 2014

Pleased to Eat You - Postcards for a short Film

A couple of months ago I created 3 illustrations to accompany a short film called "Pleased to Eat You" by film director Adrian Hedgecock. The short film is humorous tale of 3 friends stranded at sea with a predicament and is influenced by 1920's and 30's Art Deco and musicals and features dancing girls, pirates and much much more! My brief was to focus on 3 scenes from the film and expand on them letting my imagination run away! I chose a scene featuring a cannibalistic fish, a French restaurant at sea and the finale featuring lots of dancing girls with vegetables! The postcards are being given away to supporters of the films crowd funding campaign. To see clips of the film and find out more about contributing visit their website. (Only a few days left though to contribute to help fund the special effects the campaign ends December 8th!)

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