Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Art Exhibition at Flaxon Ptootch

This month I'm exhibiting a couple of original collages (The Witch & the Rainbow Cat and Stereovenus) and lots of new and older prints at Flaxon Ptootch, a trendy hairdressers and art gallery in Kentish town. It's great to be able to display the originals collages and show how they were created (and how much work went into them!) as well as a couple of newer pieces like Baby Jane in Acapulco and Song of the Siren.

Alongside my work are the paintings, drawings and prints of my talented friend Hannah Pratt. Her work like mine is very brightly coloured and focuses on creating imaginary worlds although she's also a huge sci-fi fan as you can tell by some of her designs names!

The exhibition is on till the 10th November. If you're interested in any of the pieces on show please do get in touch with the staff at Flaxon Ptootch or myself or Hannah. (My prints retail from £25 for a mini print, £100 for a 40 by 50 cm print unframed and £135 for a framed one). Below are some photo's of the private view from a couple of weeks back- thanks to everyone who came, especially Carl 2 Bob for providing the tunes!


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