Wednesday, 7 November 2012

South East London Art Exhibitions!

Last week I put up an exhibition of my artwork is on the walls of the the Palmerston, a pub/ dining room in East Dulwich (which serves yummy looking food!). On my way home I popped into Hop Scotch Cafe in Honor Oak Park, (for pumpkin soup), which also has a display of a few of my pieces. All pieces are for sale from the venues or from me. Unframed mini prints available from £20 (+5 P&P). 

Pictures from Left to Right: Fille Du Cirque Russe, Stereovenus, Through Rose Tinted Spectacles, Flow Your Own Way, Tree of Cake and Journey from A to B

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Pete and Libs said...

We popped into the Palmerston last night to celebrate moving south of the river. I saw your "flight of fancy" and fell in love. I hope you get lots of trade from your exhibitions. I have to say I now know what's on my xmas list.